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Picnic in the Countryside – and why you need to do this!

Shh. Do you hear that? The mountain wind gently rustling the leaves. Take in a deep breath. You can taste the purity of the air. The freshness. That indescribable scent that says, “this is good for me.” Well that’s because…it is! The outdoors provide the best respite from your busy lifestyle. And truly, you can’t argue against the benefits. There’s a reason why people continuously visit national parks to awe in the beauty around them. It is truly a time to feel connected more to the Earth and yourself, and offer much needed introspection. 

But while many people chose to hike through the outdoors, we recommend creating a one-of-a-kind picnic experience, where you can truly enjoy nature’s beauty. Some people enjoy a beach picnic los angeles event whereas others prefer a picnic in the woods. Either way, enjoying nature is what it’s all about. Here’s how you can make your next picnic spectacular. 

Things to bring

1. Bring a camera and binoculars! It’s fun to take photos of the event, but also any of the wildlife you might encounter. Blue jays, chipmunks, woodpeckers. Who says bird watching isn’t fun. Just sit back, enjoy your meal, and take a moment to simply see what is all around you. 

2. Pack tasty food and lots of water. The wilderness is full of amazing scents and possibly wild berries, but we still recommend you pack your own food. A delicious charcuterie board will elevate your experience. We highly recommend indulging in fruits and other fresh berries, because they will mirror the environment you’re in and create a seamless experience.  Don’t forget to bring a truly delicious dessert!

3. The sprays. Sunscreen and bug spray. Hey, the wilderness and beaches are great, but don’t enjoy it so much you neglect your skin or you let yourself be annoyed by bugs. All it takes is a few pesky mosquitoes to ruin the moment, so ensure you keep yourself prepared.

4. Blankets – Bring some comfy blankets to lay out or snuggle in. If you’re feeling truly adventurous, hold a midnight picnic and gaze at the stars

Picnics in the wilderness are so fun and if you do them right, can create truly memorable and inspiring moments.

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